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  • Testing this out as a place for coordinating phase 1 operations, marketing and development.


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  • Brandon Knicely
    Paleo FX Debrief

    team discussion

    Paleo FX debrief - 
     1. Identify us as a coaching program / easy to see right away / 
    how are you different than other coaching programs — ( market positioning ) / coaching differentiation / health/sick, lifestyle/wellness, epigentic precision, Value as X metric / Financial / System Impact.  (bulletproof / mark sisson / lifestyle medicine / sherpa construct / whiteboard video (dan)…hammer in toolbelt, beats him on the head, screwdriver in hand, third guy, too...  more
  • Brandon Knicely
    Corporate Marketing (team: DS/MH/MS/TD) Brand consistency / messaging Corporate Digital content - video / blogs / Marketing ops - national lead gen for new clients on behalf...